Through Our Lense

Beautiful images hold the key to so many of our deepest emotions. With just a fleeting glance, they can turn our lips to a brilliant smile, shed a tear from our eyes or overwhelm us in awe. As if by magic, they empower us to do what no one else can do - to stop time, even if only for a moment.

Capturing the mystical force of a magnificent image has long been our passion. This quest is our inspiration for creating truly classic portraits...those destined to stir the emotions for many years to come. In composing a fine portrait, what we ultimately present for our clients is a window to days past, a chance to revisit a cherished time in life shared with those held closest to the heart. As the portraits we design are handed to the next generation, they grow into precious heirlooms, gently preserving the story of a family's heritage.

Our experience has taught us, though, that achieving a truly timeless image requires careful planning. This is why we put so much effort into consulting before we begin our session, and in helping to make selection afterward. At J. Michael's we want the creation of your portrait to be an experience that will become as dear to you as the very portrait itself.