Professional Investment

Hi! My name is Jennifer Smith, my friends, which I like to think includes our customers, call me Jen. I am the first person you speak with when you call our studio, unless by chance you get Mike and then you are speaking to your actual photographer. My goal is to answer your questions so you can make an educated decision on choosing your photographer. Sometimes I get calls that are tough, like this one explained below from our blog:

Excerpt from 8/24/11 blog.....

I received that phone call again today, the one I really hate to get. This mother was really upset and I felt so bad for her. She thought she had done such a good job on her homework and research to choose her daughter's senior portrait photographer. She was calling me today almost in tears explaining how she choose this photographer because he promised so much and I will charge you $50 less then the "other guys". (The other guys being us.) After finally getting their proofs which took almost a month, they were so disappointed with the results. I won't go into detail about what was wrong with them but when she showed them to a friend of hers who happened to have her son's pictures done with J. Michael, they couldn't believe the difference. She went on to tell me that although she had tried, she decided you can't put a price on professional. She was so astounded by the difference in the photos that she never went back to order photos from them. Instead she made an appointment with us and the rest is history.

Except for one thing....I felt so bad not just for the mother, she ended up spending additional money and time for photos she and her daughter didn't even like, but also for the daughter. You want your senior photo experience to be a fun time and you spend so much time on your outfits and essentials to getting ready like haircuts (make-up and nails for the girls), some like to wait for their tan to be on, maybe you want a shot with your dog so you take him/her to the groomer, waxing the car for that all important "car shot", or whatever is "Your Thing" spent time, effort and money on this and then take the chance on a non-professional photographer. The daughter was devastated when she saw her proofs. She wondered are these what I'm going to remember my Senior Year by???? I don't want to hand these out to my friends and family.

When you come to us, we like to get to know you. Talk to you, look at what outfits you want to include in your session. When we get to know the real you that is what it takes to bring out the real you in our portraits. A professional doesn't just take pictures. We show the world what we see through our eyes. A professional knows how to get "that shot". The "ONE". A professional knows how to work the lighting, the posing, the angle not just to get any picture but "THE" picture. The one you are going to cherish for years to come and think back on what an amazing experience it was.......not tears of devastation. Anyone can buy an expensive camera and call themselves a photographer, but without the experience, training and keen eye you do not have a professional. Just because your neighbor bought a dentist chair doesn't mean you would trust him to drill your teeth would you? (end of blog)

The above blog post doesn't just go for Senior photos. This holds true for our Weddings or Maternity Shoots or your precious Baby and Children's photos. What do you want to remember your wedding day by? You are investing in a special time of your life. The day you marry your best friend, the day your child, a miracle, was growing inside you, the day your little one turned into a toddler and so on. These are moments in life meant to be cherished. We want you to have that moment forever in a portrait that speaks to you from your heart each and every time you look at it. This is an investment in your memories for generations to come.

When you invest in J. Michael for your memories you are getting over 25 years of experience and training. We love taking all types of photography from candid journalistic shots to glamorous formal portraits to artsy-cutting edge shots. It is a passion for us, a lifestyle and not just a career or job.

If you have any questions at all we are here for you. You can reach me by phone at 330.296.2612, by email at, by facebook at J Michael Photos or by twitter at JMichaelsPhotos.